Introduce Boat Handling With A Real Helm

Adding a boat Helm with authentic steering, gear selection and throttle controls unleashes the simulations highly realistic power boat dynamics enabling handling lessons to be provided that include;

  • Introduction to kill cord
  • Introduction to combined gear and throttle lever
  • Introduction to boat steering
  • Slow Turns
  • Transition from displacement to planing
  • Fast Turns
  • Coming alongside a quay
  • Departure from a quay
  • Tight turns in close proximity to other boats
  • Tight turns in close proximity with tide flowing
  • Coming alongside a quay with tide flowing (ferry gliding)
  • Manoevering in a tidal race

After handling familiarisation and completion of their passage plan students are able to act as both helmsman and navigator, simulating the most likely scenario for private power boat owners.