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To help you chose the right product we've provided the following overview

VMS-B Basic (Software Only)

The Maritime simulator is available as a 'software only' version for installation on your own PC.


Your students prepare their passage/pilotage plans using the virtual world scenarios and charts included. When complete we recommend the instructor acts as helmsman (using the PC keyboard) while the student takes the role of navigator. This will maintain a sense of realism for the student who will have to make decisions under pressure and vocalise clear commands on heading and speed to the crew.

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Required PC

The software uses a 3D engine to render the simulation world, most modern PC's with 3D Graphics capability should run the Maritime Simulation software ok. Our demo software can be used to check the suitability of a particular PC

VMS-H Helm (Software And Helm)

Adding a Helm with real world boat steering and throttle controls unleashes the simulations highly realistic boat dynamics


The addition of a helm enables powerboat handling to be included in your course work. After handling familiarisation and completion of their passage plan students are able to act as both helmsman and navigator, simulating the most likely scenario for private power boat owners.

We also recommend a group of three students acting as Skipper, Navigator and Helmsman. We've found this works well in developing team roles and decison making, particulary when things don't quite go to plan and the situation needs recovering.

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Required PC

See 'Software Only' section above.

VMS-HS Helm System

This includes the 'VMS-H Helm' product and adds an integrated PC processor, pre-configured and optimised for Maritime Simulation. This is suitable for use in facilites already equiped with an audio visual system.

VMS-HSA Helm System AV

This is the complete simulation package including software, helm, integrated PC Processor, speakers and wide screen or projector display.

Additional Options

Real World Locations

In addition to the virtual world included in the standard simulation package we have real world location add-ons available for use with standard Hydrographic Office charts. Current areas covered are indicated below, pleasae contact us to discuss your specific requirements and pricing.

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